Papamoa Palm Beach Plaza Fire

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On Tuesday 5th November 2002 at approximately 04:25 we received a call to the Palm Beach Plaza. As we travelled down Papamoa Beach Road we could see a plume of smoke above where the plaza stands.
Most calls to the plaza are false alarms, but when we saw that smoke, we knew we were in for a big one this time.
We were first arriving appliance and due to the amount of smoke around had to park some distance from the actual blaze. While the Chief went for a closer look, numbers 1 and 2 got their B.A. on and started to run out hose while number 4 and I (pump operator) organised a feeder to the pump then gave them a hand with the delivery hoses.
To cut a long story short, the call made it to Third Alarm and we were there until well after day break. Even after we finally left, we only had a few hours rest before going back to do fire watch and assist the investigators.
Not a wonderful start to Guy Fawkes. Thankfully the rest of it was nice and quiet.
Above are some photos taken by a member of the public and supplied to us. The quality of some of them isn't wonderful, but considering it was still quite dark, they are not too bad.

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